First Convocation of Himalayan University, Itanagar holded successfully

One of the highly ambitious and leading universities in North-East India,  Himalayan University (HU), organized its very first grand convocation on 22nd December 2017, on its Jollang Campus in Itanagar in gracious presence of many dignitaries such as Shri Honchun Ndandam, Shri Tapir Gao, Shri Ravinder Sathe and Shri P Subba Rao.  The Chancellor and the members of the Board of Management of HU, were also present along with the  students in their formal dresses.

The Chief Guest at the magnificent convocation was  Hon’ble Shri Honchun Ngandam, the Education Minister of Arunachal Pradesh.  The Guest of Honor was  Shri Tapir Gao (Ex. Member of Parliament & President of State BJP). The Convocation was presided over by its Hon’ble Chancellor Shri P. Subba Rao and the convocation received a Special Address by Shri Ravinder Sathe (Executive Director, Rambhau Mhalgi Probodhini).

At the Himalayan University’s first convocation at Jollang in Itanagar on 22nd December 2017, 410 students were awarded the degrees in arts, Social Science, Commerce, Science, Law, Special Education and Library Science.  The Chief Guest Swami Vishwaha Nanda, Secretary, Rama Krishna Hospital, Itanagar urged the graduating students to contribute to the society and to work with integrity unmindful of challenges they would face.

Speaking on the occasion the Guest of Honor Shri Ravinder Sathe Executive Director, Rambhau Mhalgi Probodhini delivered the special address and explained the students that the degree can help and be useful only when education can be spread for the welfare of the society. The other Board members who were present on the gracious occasion were  the Ex-MLA and BJP Leader Shri Tani Loffa, Prof. Dr. S.P singh, Vice Chancellor Himalayan University, Shri P. Subba Rai, Mr. Hemant Goyal, Chairman Himalayan University. Ashok Kumar and Mukesh Goyal.

Dilip Jain, Joint Registrar, Mr. Ravi Pokharna Executive Head RMP Delhi and all 130 faculty members were also present on the occasion.

Lama Yangki, Dawa Drema Maney, Marpi Dulom, Taglo Murtem, Kasem Moyong, Kenya Kadu were awarded with the gold medals.

One of the main and ultimate aims of the Convocation was appreciating and motivating the qualified students and professionals (belonging to diverse educational and professional streams) and wishing each of them a very successful and creative career in the field concerned.

North East is a brand, create it as a National hub : Dr. Jitendra Singh MoS DONER

North East is a brand and it needs to be strengthened to create the region as a hub of national activity. This was the consensus at the two- day National Conference on Transforming North East India here today.

The conference was addressed by Union Minister of State (Independent Charge) for Development of North Eastern Region (DONER) Jitendra Singh. He said the central government is keen on integrating and promoting North_East. It has to become the main activity area. The fund for the region is no problem. The funds have to be utilised to create it as a centre of excellence so that people from the entire country flock to north-east.  There are 28 activity areas which can become its core area and the rest of the nation could learn from it. It will not only integrate the country but also would create the strength for North-East to get closer to the rest of India and beyond.

Olympic boxing champion Mary Kom, MP, said that North-East produces the best sportsmen and athletes. The Under 17 Indian team for FIFA is dominated by the players from North-East, Very few knew it. They are dominating the hospitality industry, education and many others. They are possibly more Indian than rest of the Indians. Agreeing with Mr Jitendra Singh, she said the region is the jewel of the country and can transform the entire country.

The conference began with a session on awareness. Prof Shivaji Sarkar chairing the session said that N-E has the potential to be the magnate not only for India but beyond, Situated critically between Bangladesh, Myanmar and path to Southeast Asia, it could replace Bengaluru as the hub of activity of education and international trade. Its geographic isolation could be terminated by involving Bangaldesh to create a corridor, which started in a small way. An elevated rail corridor linking Agartala and Guwahati to Kolkata through Bangladesh can bring the region closer to heartland.

Dr VInay Sahashrabuddhe, MP, chairman of Rambhau Pradodhini, said that the purpose of the programme was not to discuss the problems but ideas that could take the country and North-East ahead. During the two days wonderful ideas enriched the policy makers. The meet would pave the way for a New India and fast development of the region. India cannot progress unless its natural-resoruce rich region takes the stride. This would fructify the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi,

Mr Hemant Goel, Chairman, Himalayan University, Itanagar, Aruanachal Pradesh said that the university has decided to carry forward the vision provided by the two-day meet. The university would collate the vision presented by the conference and interact with all the states to implement the recommendations. The vision is to attract talent from all over the country to education and activity centres in North-East to enrich the region as well as create positive vibe across the country to make it the heart of India,

The two-day National Convention was inaugurated by Brig (Retd) BD Mishra, Governor, Arunachal Pradesh and addressed by a galaxy of speakers including Rajiv Kumar, (Vice Chairman, Niti Aayog), Shri Sunil Deodhar, Mridul Hazarika (VC, Guwahati University), Mr C.K Das (Member North East Council), Patricia Mukhim (Editor, Shilong Times)., Colonel (Retd.) Ranjan Chaterjee.

We cannot let our students learn that Akbar was great : Indresh Kumar (RSS Thinker)

India Israel Friendship Forum
“We cannot let our students learn that Akbar was great. The Mughals never
respected Indian values. Tell me how many Muslim invaders constructed
educational institutions or hospitals for treatment of ailing people? Muslim
invaders wanted to keep Indians illiterate so that they could serve as their slaves.
No country in the world teaches its students about the atrocities they faced at the
hands of foreign invaders.” —- Indresh Kumar

India Israel Friendship Forum (IIFF) and Forum for National Awareness (FANS)
started the centenary year celebrations to mark the victory of Haifa port, in Israel, by
barely armed Indian horse ridden cavalry soldiers from the Ottoman Turks today at the
Teen Murti Haifa Chowk. Haifa holds significance to both India and Israel history
books as hundreds of barely armed Indian soldiers – part of the Allied forces during the
First World War– sacrificed their lives to liberate the city on September 23, 1918. The
Haifa victory marked the end of 400 years of occupation by the Ottoman Turks.
The celebrations began with paying tributes to the Indian soldiers by Gen VK Singh,
minister for External Affairs, Minister of state for Power RK Singh, Minister state for
Home Hansraj Gangaram Ahir, International joint coordinator of Hindu Swayamsevak
Sangh Ravi Kumar, RSS national executive member Indresh Kumar and president of
FANS Air Marshal RC Bajpai, Rajasthan Minority Commission Chairman Jasbeer
Singh and president of IIFF Gen RN Singh and general secretary of IIFF Prof Shivaji
Sarkar. Later they joined a seminar at Nehru Memorial Museum, and Library, which is
a partner in the celebrations. The programme would mark the beginning of the
celebration in India and Israel at a grand scale. Delegations from the two countries are
to visit each other to jointly celebrate the occasion and open up a new chapter in
relations with Israel and the world. It may be recalled Indian soldiers have made
significant contributions to establish world peace and liberate the oppressed.
The programme began with Vande Mataram, playing of national band and march past
by NCC cadets who came from schools all over Delhi. It was followed a special lamp
lighting ceremenony to decorate the Teen Murti Chowk
RSS National Executive Member Indresh Kumar said that he wants to see Indians
love every citizen and the land. India wanted peace and that there should be no need for
another Haifa-type operation in the current scenario, either with Pakistan, China or
Myanmar’s Rohingyas. Indresh Kumar also called for boycott of Chinese products
during religious festivals while saying China will have to retreat from Doklam as it has
no other option. He referred to China’s expansionist designs and said that Beijing
threatened war after its troops failed to enter Doklam following swift movement by the
armies of Bhutan and India. Kumar equated Chinese threats to that of a servant, who
repeatedly warns his employer over pay hike and finally agrees to continue working on
same salary. He said that the present government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has
shown that it is a nationalist government. Kumar added that China failed to realise that
there has been change of leadership. “In 1954, we had an agreement with China on the
basis of Panchsheel and when it came to an end in 1962, China attacked us and annexed
Tibet and killed 12 lakh Tibetans during mass uprising there. It even got crushed under
tanks its three lakh students demanding democracy at Tiananmen Square,” he said.
“India became victim of the misconception that China will abide by friendship and the
peace pact.” RSS leader said that China couldn’t be trusted. He said that India has
opened fronts with Pakistan and “cards with China”. “India has warned Pakistan by
destroying terror camps during an operation in which 32 terrorists and their six trainers
were killed without any casualty on own side”. RSS leader also accused India’s first
prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru of being “short-sighted” and “contributing
immensely” to the Kashmir issue. “There is no record whatsoever in our parliamentary
history that Nehru consulted his cabinet before going to the United Nations with the
issue,” he said. RSS leader said, “we cannot let our students learn that Akbar was great.
The Mughals never respected Indian values. Tell me how many Muslim invaders
constructed educational institutions or hospitals for treatment of ailing people? Muslim
invaders wanted to keep Indians illiterate so that they could serve as their slaves. No
country in the world teaches its students about the atrocities they faced at the hands of
foreign invaders.”
Minister of state for External Affairs Gen. V.K. Singh said that the action of the
Indian troops has been vividly recorded in the Official History of the War-Military
operation Egypt and Palestine (volume 2). No more remarkable cavalry action of its
scale was fought in the whole course of the campaign. Machine gun bullets over and
over again failed to stop the galloping horses even though many of them succumbed
afterwards to their injuries. Gen. Singh emphasized that this remains the only known
incident in military history when a horse-ridden cavalry on the gallop captured a
fortified town. Gen VK Singh extolling the velour of Indian soldiers said that they had
the capacity to fight in the most adverse circumstances. They are the most disciplined
and for just cause sacrifice their lives. He also narrated how Indian defence forces along
with the ministry of external affairs conducted massive rescue of the people of 26
countries during the Yemen, Syria and other disturbing situations in the West Asia.
Singh said that India is the goodwill ambassador for the world and Haifa marks the
efforts to establish close relationship with Israel and other West Asian countries. Maj.
Gen. VK Singh praised the army in honour of the nation. “History proves, that India
has always helped the countries, whenever they have asked for support. Indians are
genetically brave from within. But it is a matter of concern that people forget the
martyrs”, he said. With efforts of the Indian Ambassador in Israel, the first Haifa day
was marked in the year 2010. Gen. Singh said that there are plans for the formation of
the memorial of war heroes, which is expected to be completed soon.
Minister of state for Home Hansraj Gangaram Ahir said, during the battle for Haifa
in September 1918, the Indian troops exhibited exemplary cavalry skills and bravery in
a successful cavalry charge which finally culminated in the liberation of Haifa. The
minister said India is committed to take on the demon of terrorism head on; and
expressed concern over illicit funds being generated from the sale of drugs to finance
terror activities. Ahir said the problem of narco-terrorism is assuming gigantic
proportions. Illicit funds being generated from the sale of drugs are being utilised for
funding terrorist activities and illegal arms trade, he said. About the presence of
Rohingya Muslims, he said that the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had already given
instructions to identify all these Rohingya to see to it that they did not disturb peace.
Hansraj said, PM Modi is the first prime` minister of india to visit the haifa memorial
in Israel. India has been practicing the custom of helping the countries, whenever they
have asked for support. Haifa is a concrete example of this. India supported in the
formation of Bangladesh and Atal Behari Bajpayee compared Indira Gandhi to goddess
Durga. Rajiv Gandhi helped Sri Lanka, but unfortunately had to sacrifice his life for
this. Recently, we helped Tibet on the Doklam issue. Immediately after 6 months of
formation of Bangladesh, it tried to claim Assam as its territory. This was sad. Till date
Bangladesh has a negative approach towards India. Bangladesh needs to realise the role
of India in its formation rather than promoting terrorism against india. 30 LAKH people
lost their lives in the massacre. We are already fighting with Pakistan against terrorism.
Atal ji ensured that, the Kargil war remains limited to Kargil and not become an IndoPak
war. Bangladesh should take lessons from India.
Minister of state (independent charge) R.K. Singh said “I am deeply honored to
stand here today to salute the valiant Indian soldiers who laid down their lives for the
liberation of Haifa during WW-I.” He recalled how the Indian troops exhibited
exemplary cavalry skills and bravery in a successful cavalry charge that finally
culminated in the liberation of Haifa.
Shri Ravi Kumar, Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS) and writer of the book on
Haifa, “Indian Heroism In Israel” who is also an advisor to Indo Israel Friendship
Forum, highlighted many contributions of Jewes in India. He shared how Jews suffered
discrimination almost everywhere but in India. The minister said that Jews had to face
discrimination in various countries including the UK, Russia, Germany and Italy, but
they never faced it in India. Jews in India have flourished since the time they migrated
and they are on senior positions.
Air Marshal RC Bajpai quoted a few rare books on war history to make his point that
Indian soldiers irrespective of caste and religion are the best and most dependable. He
also remembered Captain Aman Singh Bahadur and Dafadar Jor Singh, who were
awarded the Indian Order of Merit and Captain Anop Singh and 2nd Lt. Sagat Singh
were awarded the Military Cross in recognition of their bravery in this battle. Major
Dalpat Singh was awarded a military cross for his bravery.
Parvesh Khanna, National General Secretory FANS gave vote of thanks. He noted
in his speech that the soldiers fought valiantly for the British while they were engaged
in a struggle against the British for independence. FANS President Air Marshal (Retd)
RC Bajpai, National General Secretaries Sarla Singh and Parvesh Khanna were present
at the occasion. The media were in attendance in large number befitting the occasion
and gave very wide coverage in print and electronic media.
Every year, September 23 is celebrated as Haifa Victory Day in India and Israel as a
mark of respect to the soldiers who lost their lives in the battle and to mark the end to
400 years of the Turkish control over the city. Forum for Awareness of National
Security (FANS), like previous years, celebrated Haifa Day with a seminar on ”
Significance of Indo-Israel friendship”. This is in commemoration of the supreme
sacrifice of more than 900 Brave Indian Soldiers who laid down their lives for liberating
the Palestinian Port of Haifa from Ottoman Empire of Turkey during World War I on
September 23, 1918. They were from the Lancers of Maharajas of Jodhpur, Mysore and
Nizam of Hyderabad.
Meanwhile, barely three months ago, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had visited Israel
and saluted the Indian soldiers who laid down their lives protecting the Israeli city of
Haifa during World War I from the Ottoman Empire forces. He said their sacrifice was
a mark of the enduring bond between the two nations. Mr. Modi visited the Indian
cemetery in Haifa along with his Israeli counterpart Benjamin Netanyahu on the last
day of his visit to Israel and laid wreaths at the site. Together in homage to the fallen
brave, both PM Narendra Modi & Netanyahu presented wreaths at Haifa. He also
unveiled a plaque commemorating Major Dalpat Singh, known as the ‘Hero of Haifa’
for his critical role in the liberation of the city. PM Modi wrote in the guest book. “The
exceptional bravery and supreme sacrifice of Major Thakur Dalpat Singh MC, the
‘Hero of Haifa’ and his men, will be remembered and continue to inspire generations
to come. Next year, the centenary of the battle of Haifa will present another opportunity
to mark this enduring bond between India and Israel.”

BJP’s historical win in Shimla MC elections


A victory in Himachal Assembly poll foregone conclusion

By Amba Charan Vashishth

With a historic win in Shimla Municipal Corporation elections in June BJP has maintained its winning streak in Himachal Pradesh too. For the first time BJP has won majority and grabbed Mayor and Deputy Mayor’s posts 31 years after elections were held to the country’s oldest urban local body since the days of the British Empire when the city enjoyed the privilege of being the summer capital of both the then Government of India and the undivided Punjab.

For the past 26 years consecutively Congress had ruled Shimla MC and during the last five years it was CPM which controlled it as the party won both the mayor and deputy mayor’s posts which were then filled through direct election.

BJP won 17 (50 percent) of the seats and its toll rose to about 56 percent with one BJP rebel rejoining the party and one newly elected Congress councillor joining the party.

In another historical first BJP candidate Kusum Sadret, a Dalit, won the Mayor’s post getting 19 votes while Rakesh Kumar Sharma scored 20, with one Congress member cross-voting in favour of BJP.

It is also for the first time that more than 50 percent (18) winners are women out of which 10 belong to BJP, 7 to Congress and the lone CPM winner.

Congress Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, himself facing corruption charges in court, seems to have seen the writing on the wall and that is why he ordered postponement of the elections on the pretext of “revising the electoral rolls”. Former Chief Minister Prof. Prem Kumar Dhuamal had described the act as unconstitutional. The decision was challenged in the High Court which ordered the Virbhadra Government to order elections immediately.

The results are a great personal setback to CM Virbhadra Singh as he had personally campaigned in the elections cancelling his pre-scheduled engagements. Congress lost the Totu seat which falls in Singh’s assembly constituency. In the adjoining seat of Boileugunj BJP marked its win where CM’s son and HP Youth Congress President Virkramaditya Singh campaigned extensively.

On the BJP front, former CM P. K. Dhumal, Union Health Minister J. P. Nadda and State President Satpal Satti held the fort and campaigned extensively. It is also a welcome gift for Shri Mangal Pandey who assumed charge of Himachal BJP organisational matters over a month back. BJP youth wing was also very active. Hamirpur MP Anurag Thakur led the youth in the campaign.

The election results are being seen as a curtain raiser for the outcome of the state assembly elections which are just a few months away in October-November this year. BJP is bound to romp home to victory and form the next government with a thumping majority. The State capital of Shimla has sent a message loud and clear. The results have sent shocks of shivers down the ruling Congress.

Govt has banned the use of red beacon for VIPs

Govt have bans to use of red beacon for VIPs
Govt have bans to use of red beacon for VIPs

In what could be seen as a major step towards ending the VIP culture prevalent in India, the government on Wednesday banned the use of red beacon on vehicles attached to dignitaries, including the central and state ministers and other VVIPs.

As per sources, the decision taken by the Union Cabinet will be implemented from May 1.

It is reported that five categories would be allowed to use the red beacon- President, Vice President, Prime Minister, Chief Justice of India and the Lok Sabha Speaker.

The ban applies to union ministers, chief ministers, state cabinet ministers, bureaucrats and judges of the High Court and Supreme Court.

It was reported last week that the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has called a meeting to discuss whether the red beacon should be discarded or restricted to certain dignitaries.

Captain Amarinder Singh and Yogi Adityanath, the new chief ministers of Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, have already taken steps to either end or restrict VIP culture.

In its first cabinet meeting, chaired by Captain Amarinder, the newly formed Punjab Government decided to completely shun the VIP culture by removing the red, yellow and blue beacons from their official vehicles.

44 people dead when bus falls into Shimla’s Tons river

when bus falls into Shimla's Tons river, then 44 people's are dead: Himachal
when bus falls into Shimla’s Tons river, then 44 people’s are dead: Himachal

As many as 45 people were dead after a bus fell into Tons river in Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh.At least 45 people lost their lives after a bus plunged into the Tons River in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh on Wednesday.

Sub-Divisional Magistrate Pratyush Singh told  that the rescue team has not been able to reach the site as it is too deep.

There were more than 50 passengers in the bus.

The rescue team is rushing to the spot.

The accident happened in the remote Nerwa area of the Shimla district. There were over 50 passengers in the bus.



Government making all necessary steps to get liquor baron back to India

Govt making all necessary steps to get maliya back to India
Govt making all necessary steps to get maliya back to India

A day after Vijay Mallya was arrested in London, Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu on Wednesday said the Centre is making all necessary steps to get the liquor baron back to India and put him before the law.

Union Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu further said that the government would persuade the UK Government to extradite the liquor baron from UK.

“We will be impressing upon the UK government to extradite the liquor baron from UK and send him back to India as he is facing charges in India. We hope UK government will respond positively.

Mallya was arrested yesterday by Scotland Yard in London on an extradition warrant by India. He was later granted bail.

Following Mallya’s arrest, the Scotland Yard issued a statement saying that the absconding businessman was arrested on behalf of the Indian authorities in relation to accusations of fraud.

“Officers from the Metropolitan Police’s Extradition Unit have this morning, Tuesday 18 April arrested a man on an extraction warrant. He was arrested after attending a central London police station, and will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court later today, 18 April,” read the official statement of the Scotland Yard.

His arrest came after a Delhi court had issued an open-ended non-bailable warrant against Mallya in connection with the 1995 FERA violation case.

Last month, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) informed that Mallya’s extradition has been stratified by the Secretary of State of the U.K. Government and added that a warrant would soon be released against him.

Police has arrested a cab driver for harassing a tourist lady

 Police has arrested a cab driver for harassing a tourist lady
Police has arrested a cab driver for harassing a tourist lady

The She team of the Hyderabad Police has arrested a cab driver for allegedly harassing a lady tourist.

The tourist from Kerala, working in Bangalore, came to Hyderabad along with her family, on a three-day trip to see Hyderabad and its surrounding places last week. She engaged a cab from a travel agency.

They toured the city, went for shopping, took pictures, had food and spent the time moving around important tourist spots in the city.

On the third day at the end of their tour when they were going to catch the train, the lady was sitting as the seat adjacent to the driver while her parents and relatives were at the back seat.

When they were on the way and reached Ramanthapur area, the driver unzipped his pants and started showing his private parts to the lady.

She was shocked and screamed asking him to stop the car. But the driver did not listen and repeated the same act.

When the lady was shouting and screaming repeatedly, he stopped the car.

She got down immediately and narrated the incident to her father and uncle.

While they started questioning him, the driver started to drive away the car with her mother and aunt in it.

Both her father and uncle grabbed the car keys from him, while the driver threw their luggage on the road.

The lady called up the travel agency and complained against the driver.

As they were to board the train, she could not complain to the police station. However, she sent the details to the whatsapp number of Hyderabad City Police requesting to take necessary action.

SHE Teams, Hyderabad City Police investigated the case and arrested the driver Mohmmad Saleem.


Dr. Achyuta Samanta’s social work was widely appreciated in Lok Sabha

Dr. Achyuta Samanta's social work was widely appreciated in Lok Sabha
Dr. Achyuta Samanta’s social work was widely appreciated in Lok Sabha

The Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences (KISS) and its founder Dr. Achyuta Samanta’s social work was widely appreciated in Lok Sabha on Friday, April 7, 2017.

Participating in a discussion, MP from Tikamgarh (Madhya Pradesh) Dr. Virendra Kumar said the need of the hour was to encourage people like Dr. Samanta who were instrumental in transforming the society.


He said Dr. Samanta had set an example to the whole world by providing free residential education to 25,000 tribal students. Dr. Samanta who has also set up another popular institutions – KIIT University invest all the money made in this institution to fund the poor tribal students studying in KISS. I salute this great man and his selfless work. We need people like Dr. Samanta who can work without any political ambitions or personal goals. We should encourage persons like Dr. Samanta, who is working for those people who really need it. I can proudly say that he has been working for society and not for publicity. I have a great respect for this gentleman and I heartily congratulate him”, he said. As he mentioned Dr. Samanta’s works, the other MPs too thumped the desk in appreciation.

Dr. Achyuta Samanta is the founder of globally children KISS (Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences), a one-of-its-kind home for 25,000 poorest-of-the-poor indigenous aborigine, which provides free accommodation, food, healthcare and education from kindergarten to post-graduation (KG to PG) with vocational training. Dr. Samanta has been honored with numerous national and international recognitions for his noble work, including Gusi Peace Prize International in 2014 and Isa Award for Service to Humanity. He is the founder and propagator of ‘Art of Giving’ (philosophy of life), a concept aimed at bringing peace to human mind around the globe. KISS also has been accorded special consultative status by the United Nations.