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Mamta attacks on Modi says, country needs change


West Bengal: West Bengal Chief Minister on his recent attack on Central Government rejected Modi government and said clarion call to oust the Narendra Modi government in the upcoming Lok Sabha polls at a Christian conclave here on Tuesday.

Mamta added, situation in Assam arising from the national register of citizens (NRC), public lynchings and atrocities against Dalits and minorities to drive home her point that “the country needs a change”. BJP is doing the politics of divide and rule she said.

While talking on Assam the TMC President said, BJP got the full majority in Assam because of the voters of the state,  it is in power there because of its voters, but now it says that the same voters don’t belong to this country,” she said, referring to the NRC row.

Over 4 million people of the 32.9 million who applied to be included in the NRC were left out of the complete draft of the contentious document released on Monday.

Mamta said she is not that liberal to love people who lynch and backs them. If tribals, Dalits and minorities are isolated, it may lead to civil unrest,” she said.




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