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Mumbai Plane Crash: Co-Pilot's Husband Asks,"Who Exactly Was At Fault"

MUMBAI: Husband of the co-pilot of the chartered plane, which crashed in suburban Ghatkopar, today sought to know who cleared the flight despite the adverse weather conditions and if the aircraft was fit for flying.

Prabhat Kathuria, the husband of Marya Zuberi, the co-pilot who along with four others was killed in the incident, is still to come to terms with the loss.

In a statement issued here, he said, “The company involved in the ill-fated plane’s repairs seems to have been incapable of detecting the technical snags that could have led to its crash.”

Mr Kathuria said that his wife had mentioned to him that the weather conditions were not conducive for a test flight to be conducted for a small plane like Beechcraft King Air C90 aircraft.

“She left the house assuring me she would return rather soon as the weather conditions were clearly not right for a test flight of a small plane such as the Beachcraft King Air twin turboprop,” he said.

“She was sure that the permission to undertake such a flight would not be given,” the statement read.

“Considering Captain (Pradip) Rajput held and shared the same view with Marya, I was confident they would not fly this day. The weather conditions were just not right,” he said.

Mr Kathuria also questioned if the aircraft was fit to fly.

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