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SC rejects filmmaker's plea for probe into Sridevi’s demise

Delhi: Bollywood’s first female superstar Sridevi left for heavenly abode on February 24th and it is still hard for her family and fans to come to terms with this heartbreaking news.

The late actress passed away after reportedly slipping inside her bathtub in her hotel room in Dubai, where she was present to attend Mohit Marwah’s wedding along with her family.

While the investigations around her mysterious death were abruptly stopped, filmmaker Sunil Singh, has reportedly filed a plea in the Supreme Court seeking an investigation into the death of the celebrated actor.

The reports also revealed that the SC had initially accepted the plea and the hearing will be on Friday. But, as per the latest update the SC has now apparently rejected the filmmaker’s plea for the investigation.

The filmmaker also filed a PIL seeking probe into the ‘MOM’ actress’ demise at the Delhi High Court, but the court rejected the same. They cited that the authorities in India and Dubai have already looked into the matter and have resorted to a conclusion.

Sunil further added that her death was a matter of national interest and the public and the fans and also the media needs to know as to what actually went down while she breathed her last breaths.

Sunil had earlier claimed that he too was in Dubai around the time of Sridevi’s death and had inquired about it from the hotel staff. Apparently, their claims and statements were different than what the initial reports and investigations had revealed.

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